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Nigerian Immigration Service

The central location for applying for your Nigeria visa in London is via the official government Nigeria immigration service based in London. This centre allows for applications to be made for two people:

1. General public

If one applies as a member of the general public, the Nigerian immigration service in London require all documentation to be checked at the door, however prior to this an appointment is required. This can be done via the Nigeria visa online application website. Generally submissions are made in the morning and collections from the visa centre towards mid to end afternoon.

2. Agencies

As a visa agency, we are registered and authorised by the Nigerian immigration service to make daily submissions for all our applications which arrive from all around the country. We submit on a same day services, which allows the visas to be processing in either 2 or 7 working days. Generally we collect from our sorting office very early in the morning thus allowing us enough time for submission on a same day.

When will I know my visa will be issued:

Before we submit an application to the Nigerian immigration service, we do a thorough audit of all the documentation, however on occasion the High Commission in London might request further information based on their own procedures and at their own discretion. Therefore although a predicted release date can be planned for, the acceptance of a visa at the Nigerian immigration service is by no means a guarantee of issuance. Therefore we would advise that all travel arrangements are made only after the visa has been issued.

We welcome all customers to contact us via email or phone if there are any queries or lack of clarity with regards to the process. It is our core goal to ensure all applications are submitted properly.

Our lines are open 7 days a week from 9am - 6pm, so we please call one of our visa service consultants.



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