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Nigeria Temporary Work Permit Visa - TWP

Visa Type Nigeria TWP Visa
Nationalities EU and Worldwide
Processing Times - 3 Days Service
- 7 Days Service
Nigeria Visa & Embassy Fees - 3 Month Single Entry 3 day Visa Fee - £262.50 + VAT
- 3 Month Single Entry 7 day Visa Fee - £157.50 + VAT
Handling Fees 7 Days Service - £200.00
Express Fees 3 Days Service - £250.00 + VAT (additional to standard fee and embassy fees)

Nigeria Temporary Work Permit Visa Application Requirements

  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months with 2 blank pages
  2. Nigeria Visa Application form – See Instructions below
  3. Completed Rapid Visa order form
  4. Two recent passport-type photos
  5. UK Business Support and introduction letter:
  6. A letter from you UK employer that mentions the applicants name, state the purpose of the journey, the companies to be visited and be on letter headed paper
  7. Nigeria Visa Invite Letter: A letter from the Nigerian company that will be visited and state thereason for the trip, the duration of the visit and be on the company letterheaded paper.
  8. Proof of approval:A cablegramme from the Director of Immigration Services in Abuja

Once you have completed all the application forms and compiled all the requirements, please finalise your Visa Order by completing our quick and secure online visa order form. This allows you to select your visa type, service type, return instructions, make payment and generate an application reference number.

Completing the Nigeria TWP Visa Online Form Instructions:

To ensure that the Nigeria TWP visa application is completed accurately, please kindly read the instructions before proceeding

Please click on this link after you have read the instructions below: http://www.immigration.gov.ng

When the first page opens, please click on the “apply online” option toward the top right hand side of the webpage.

As you move onto the next page, please select on “Entry Visa Application Form” underneath the heading “Visa” on the right-hand side.

On the page after this, please select “United Kingdom” for Processing Country and click on “Proceed”.

The next instruction will be to log in to your identification account with one of Google, Yahoo or OpenID.

If you already have one of these accounts setup, please click the correct button. If you do not have one of these accounts, then you will need create one with OpenID. This is a straight forward step where you simply click on the option to select and to this and follow the instructions.

Once you have logged into your identification account, you will then come to the application form. Please proceed to enter details for the form and print it at the end of page 4. It is important to store the Reference Number and Application ID. Once you have printed, please press Continue.

The next part is to make an online partial payment for the TWP visa. This is a mandatory payment which must be made, and confirmation printed before the Nigeria visa application is submitted at the consulate.

Please ensure the payment confirmation is printed as it is required to submit the temporary work permit visa application with the form

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