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We are a professional London based visa agency processing thousand of visa for Nigeria for all passport holders. We specialise in Business, TWP, STR and visitor visas for Nigeria with visa expert visa consultants on hard for every visa application

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Experts in processing Nigeria visas for businesses, workers, tourists and organisations

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Nigeria Visa Services

Business Visa

Are you visiting Nigeria for business? Business Visa

Express 2 Day Service & a regular 7 day service
Invite and Support Template Letters
Visa Consultant throughout

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Temporary Work Visa

For those intending to work in Nigeria? Business Visa

Express 2 Day Service & a regular 7 day service
Instructions on getting the government cablegram
Professional document checking

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Nigeria Visitor Visa

Planning to visit Nigeria for a holiday? Business Visa

Tourist & holiday for the public & travel agents
2 Day and 7 day services available
Full requirement checklist provided

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Nigeria Visa Services Process Guidelines

Please note that www.nigeriavisauk.co.uk is a London based visa agency that acts as a processing agent for businesses and individuals planning to visit Nigeria. Please note we are not the Nigerian embassy nor the Nigerian visa processing centre. We provide advice for our clients, consultancy services on making your application, and we submit and collect your application once we have received the information at our offices.

Service fee: please note that we charge a processing fee in return for making sure that your documentation is all accurate prior to the application being lodged, for sending a courier to queue up on your behalf to obtain and collect the visa, and sending the application back to you safely.

In order to find out more information about the Nigerian visa application process, please see the details and instructions as below:

How To Apply For A Nigeria Visa

1. Start by completing the relevant forms, and compiling the necessary requirements for the application. The full information on the different types of Nigeria visas can be seen via our visa types pages or be clicking the links below:

- Nigeria Business Visa
- Nigeria Visitor Visa
- Nigeria TWP Temporary Work Permit Visa
- Nigeria STR Short Term Residency Visa

2. Once you have completed the relevant information, we advise that you contact us so we can go through a checklist of all the requirements. This will ensure you have not missed out any important information and that there are no delays to your application when we submit the visa application for Nigeria along with the necessary forms

3. Send us the original paperwork by royal mail special delivery or via courier.

4. We receive the information, do our own check. We then submit the application via the Nigerian visa application centre in Central London. We can provide a 2 or 7 day service.

5. Once the visa has been issued, we then send the passport back to you in a safe manner either via courier or royal mail special delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How long does it take to get a Nigerian visa?

    The Nigerian visa centre allows 2 different submission choices, this is either a 2 day express service of a 7 day service. Typically if you apply for a 7 day service, then they will not allow you to change to a 2 day service afterwards. Furthermore, if for whatever reason, the Nigeria embassy reject the visa application, then they will only inform you of the day of release. Ie if there is an issue with the application on a 7 day service, then they will inform of the issue and return the application on the 7th day.

  • Do I have to have an invite in order to travel to Nigeria?

    Yes, all visitors to Nigeria will require some form of invite. If it is a business visa, then the company inviting you over must have provide you with an invitation letter.

    If it is a tourist/visitor visa, then the person inviting you over must provide a letter inviting you over along with a scanned copy of their passport or their identity card. Please if they are providing an identity card, then both sides must be provided. If it is a TWP / Temporary Work Permit, then you will require a "cablegramme" from the Ministry of Interior in Nigeria.

  • I can't make payment online via the SWC LLC Global website - can you help?

    This is common. You must ensure you have an activated "visa" card. If you are not able to use your card (for various reasons) however planning to use our services, then we can certainly make the payment for you (as our card is official registered). The Nigerian SWC LLC global services payment can present many issues, therefore we would advise not using e.g. Mastercard/Amex cards etc. Please call us if you have any issues.

  • If I use your services then do I need to attend in person?

    No you do not. As a professional visa processing agency, you are paying us our service fee to ensure that you are advised about the application process before you start, that we consult with you on all the requirements, when your application forms and details arrive to us, we do a thorough audit, and that we submit at the NHC and collect the passport upon release. If you would like more information on this part, then please email or call us.

  • Am I guaranteed my visa?

    Unfortunately no government mission will ever guarantee any visa or right into their nation, however as an experienced visa agency, we ensure that during the application process we advise you the best we can, we go through a telephone and email check, and we do a thorough audit when the items arrive. Usually through this robust process, we avoid alot of issues and have an excellent visa issue rate.

Nigeria Business Visa Requirements

One of the most common types of visas we process are Nigerian business visa applications. We will give a summary of requirements for a Nigeria business visa. Our site contains further details on each point as well, however to get started, please see the points below which outline exactly what you will require:

1. Passport - At least 6 months validity and containing 2 clean pages

2. 2 Passport size photographs - Normal size is 35mm x 45mm

3. Invitation letter from Nigeria. The letter must be addressed to the Nigerian High Commission. It must include items such as applicants name, passport number, date of birth, approximate travel dates, purpose of journey.

4. Employer support letter. This letter must contain similar information like the invite, however please ensure it also states who will be covering financial responsibility of the applicants traveller needs. For a template of this letter, please kindly email or call us.

5. Nigerian Embassy application form. This form must be completed online via the NHC link. Once this online form has been completed, you must then make online payment via the SWC LLC Global website. Once you have completed this, you will then have automatically created two further requirements which are:

- Visa Acknowledgement Slip
- Visa Payment Slip

Please kindly ensure you have these 3 forms before sending your application.

6. Visa Order Form: In order for us to process the visa application, we must take the visa order form details from yourself. This allows us to monitor your travel dates, acknowledge your passport will come in, and also for you to make secure online checkout.

The above is just a summary of the process. Please visit the rest of the website for further information.